Veneering – the art of making wood even more beautiful

Veneering, in woodwork, refers to the glueing of thin slices of, what is often exotic, wood to a core panel of a more practical wood type. This process is usually used with general wood, particle board or MDF.

The process of veneering is generally used for the visible, out-facing part of any given item, from car dashboards, which we at GDK Veneering specialise in, to cabinets and parts of furniture.

The advantage of veneering wood as opposed to using solid pieces of exotic woods is that while solid wood is often prone to warping and/or splitting, since wood veneer is made up of a number of thin layers of wood glued together, the probability of the end product splitting or cracking is greatly reduced. The glue used also provides additional strength to the product, making the veneered piece stronger than it would be if it were simply natural wood.

You can choose the type of “flitches”, or large rectangular slices of wood, used for a veneering project to provide the classy effect that you are looking for; or to make the newly veneered and restored pieces match the rest of your veneered pieces, for a lovely consistent appearance throughout (see our range of veneers).

We often find that when customers ask us to restore a single part of their car’s set, they decide to have the rest updated at the same time because the restored wood looks far better than the remaining old existing veneer in their car. If you’re unsure of what to do, feel free to send us some photographs to get an idea of what we can do for you.

How we can help

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