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GDK Veneering Ltd is a renowned company specializing in the restoration of classic car interior woodwork. With a team of experienced craftsmen and a commitment to traditional methods, we are dedicated to providing high-quality work to classic car enthusiasts. Located in Tarporley, Cheshire , we take pride in preserving the beauty and authenticity of antique car interiors. Our skilled artisans meticulously restore and repair wood veneer, dashboard trims, and other woodwork to bring back the original charm of classic cars. From Bentley and Rolls-Royce to Jaguar and Aston Martin, we have worked on various prestigious classic car brands. Trust GDK Veneering Ltd to give your beloved classic car the attention it deserves.

Does my woodtrim need re-veneering or re-lacquering?


Re-veneering is necessary when the existing veneer has lifted from the wooden, metal or plastic substrate. On some occasions it is possible to re-glue the existing veneer back to the substrates using one of our many specialist glues. However when this is not possible a complete re-veneer is needed. This process begins by;

  1. Stripping off of the existing lacquer/varnish and veneer so it goes back down to the base substrate.
  2. Any necessary repairs or alterations to the base are then carried out such as filling in a hole that is no longer needed or repairing a swollen piece of MDF.
  3. The veneer the client has selected is then cut, book matched and jointed by our skilled craftsmen.
  4. The pre-cut veneer is now adhered to the base with one of our glues and put into our heated vacuum press.
  5. The rough edges are then sanded back to the original shape.
  6. The face of the veneer is then keyed to allow adhesion for our coating system.
  7. Paint and or stains are then applied
  8. Into the spray booth and coated over a few days with our lacquering system.
  9. After being left 1-2 weeks for the lacquer to sink into the grain and cure, it is then sanded with a variety of sanding grits and then flatted by hand.
  10. Then onto our buffing wheels that get the scratches out from the sanding and then applying a wax for the final polish.
  11. Quality checks are then performed and once a suitable finish has been achieved it is then ready for collection by courier or client.

                Items in need of re-veneering

The tell tale signs of panels that need re-veneering are;

  • De-lamination
  • Swelling/Cracking of the base material
  • Water damage (Dark patches)
  • "bubbling" affect points to crystalised adhesive under the veneer.


Items in need or a re-lacquer

The usual signs that parts are only in need of a re-lacquer are;

  • Yellowing of the lacquer
  • Flaking
  • Cracks
  • General discolouration
  • Peeling


A re-lacquer is needed when the base material and veneer are still in good condition and are more common on newer vehicles such as Aston Martin DB9 centre console or a 1990's+ Bentley or Rolls Royce.

When items need re lacquering it can often look in a worse state than it actually is as the lacquer is usually flaking off in your hands or it has a "milky" white colour, this occurs when the layers of lacquer has de-laminated from the veneer. 

The process we take to rectify these problems are as follows;

  1. Strip off the old varnish by using a variety of methods depending on veneer type underneath and whether we think the item has been restored previously.
  2. The item is then keyed up ready for the application of paint and stains.
  3. The parts are then coated with our lacquering system and left to dry for 1-2 weeks.
  4. We then flat the lacquer back using a variety of sanding discs both fitted to an orbital sander and by hand.
  5. Then onto the polishing wheels using a hard and soft compound to remove the scratches created by the flatting process.
  6. Quality checks are then performed and if the parts pass then the parts are ready for collection by courier or client.

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